About Dungeons of Hope.org

Dungeons of hope.org is a 501.c charity fundraising organization that was created to support deserving charities though charity gaming fundraising events. The games selected for the events are popular medieval/fantasy role playing games that generally take place in a dungeon setting. Participants, called “heroes” raise money for the event through sponsorship, and all of the proceeds from these sponsorships are directly donated to the charity of choice.

The teams that are the most victorious during the event are eligible for team prizes during the event. Additionally, the most successful hero during the event will also be eligible for a prize. Therefore, heroes must decide during throughout each quest whether he or she should act in the best interest of the team, or the hero. Most of the time the actions clearly align with the good of the team, however sometimes they may conflict.

Success is determined by gold coins collected, monsters killed, and most importantly quests successfully completed.

Finding a gold coin = 1 point

Killing a monster = 10 points

Successfully casting a spell = 10 points

Searching and finding a secret door = 5 points

Disarming a trap = 5 points

Finding a potion or artifact = 20 points

Successfully completing a quest (per hero) = 250 points

If at any point a hero is killed during a quest, he or she loses all weapons, gold…etc. However the hero maintains the points that were accumulated.

The team that accumulates the most point at the end of both quests will win a cash prize. The individual hero that accumulates the most points among all of the teams will also win a cash prize.

This year

The organization we are raising money for is the South Park Inn. South Park Inn provides a continuum of services from street outreach and emergency shelter to transitional and permanent housing. While staying at South Park Inn residents’ basic needs are met and they work to overcome the problems that led to their homelessness. Click on the image below to find out more about the South Park Inn.

South Park Inn